Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
WeSell for
 Rs. 3,100
WeBuy for cash
 Rs. 1,800
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 Rs. 2,300
Philips GoGear Muse 8GB, B
WeSell for
 Rs. 2,500
WeBuy for cash
 Rs. 750
WeBuy for voucher
 Rs. 1,000
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB Black Sapphire, Unlocked A
WeSell from
 Rs. 28,200
WeBuy for cash
 Rs. 16,900
WeBuy for voucher
 Rs. 21,100
Sony NWZ-A845 16GB, B
WeSell for
 Rs. 5,500
WeBuy for cash
 Rs. 2,700
WeBuy for voucher
 Rs. 3,600
Google Nexus 7C 32GB,  *DNU*
LG AF115 DLP (1080p),A
WeSell for
 Rs. 2,800
WeBuy for cash
 Rs. 1,900
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 Rs. 2,200
Blackberry/Micro USB Charger
Apple Iphone 5 Earpods
WeSell for
 Rs. 1,500
WeBuy for cash
 Rs. 900
WeBuy for voucher
 Rs. 1,100
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (T211), Unlocked B
WeSell for
 Rs. 8,000
WeBuy for cash
 Rs. 4,000
WeBuy for voucher
 Rs. 5,300
Samsung SSG-3050GB 3D Active Glasses
WeSell for
 Rs. 1,200
WeBuy for cash
 Rs. 360
WeBuy for voucher
 Rs. 480
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Most Wanted
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Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB Black Sapphire, Unlocked ARs. 16,900 Rs. 21,100
OnePlus 2 64GB Black, Unlocked ARs. 12,400 Rs. 15,600
Apple iPhone 6S 16GB Space Grey, Unlocked ARs. 36,900 Rs. 46,100
Apple iPhone 6S Plus 16GB Space Grey, Unlocked ARs. 41,700 Rs. 52,100
Parrot Jumping Sumo - Mini DroneRs. 7,200 Rs. 9,000
iPad Air 2 WiFi 16GB Silver, ARs. 17,100 Rs. 21,300
Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIIRs. 2,000 Rs. 2,500
Star Wars: BattlefrontRs. 2,100 Rs. 2,400
Fallout 4Rs. 2,400 Rs. 2,800
LEGO Marvel AvengersRs. 1,700 Rs. 2,000
Just Cause 3Rs. 2,100 Rs. 2,400
Xbox One 500GB (No Kinect), BoxedRs. 16,500 Rs. 20,600
Xbox 360S (Slim) 4GB, BoxedRs. 6,000 Rs. 8,000
PS3 12GB Super Slim BoxedRs. 5,700 Rs. 7,600
Playstation 4 500GB, BoxedRs. 22,000 Rs. 25,200

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